KARDS Legions, the fourth major expansion for KARDS, is live now!

Legions introduces the Polish fighting forces as a new ally along with 84 unique playable cards and advanced new gameplay mechanics in a massive summer offensive.

These are the highlights of Legions:

New features, like the Exile and Intel abilities, significantly expand the array of tactical options available and signal a new era for KARDS.

Legions delivers a total of 84 new cards, many of them with new effects seen for the first time. Clever new tools allow you to challenge your opponents and dominate the battlefield with tactical skills and strategic thinking.

Legions was published on May 31st and is an automatic update for all KARDS players.

A new nation for KARDS

Inspired by real-world WW2 history, Poland joins the front from exile along with its intelligence forces.

Poland's unique style is inspired by Polish forces' significant role in WW2 when Polish troops fought both inside and outside Poland, serving across multiple campaigns with great distinction.

Intel - Uncover your opponent's cards

Intel is the new keyword in KARDS that allows you to get a peek into your opponent's hand and see which card(s) exactly your opponent has ready in hand.

Intel as a new keyword is inspired by the history of WW2. Before and during WW2, Polish intel gathering and crypto-analysis experts of the Polish Cipher Bureau significantly contributed to cracking the famous Enigma code. Cracking the Enigma code provided the Allies with a significant advantage in WW2; some even go so far and call it the deciding factor. We pay tribute to that important aspect with the introduction of Intel.

Exile - Get your cards into different nations

Exile cards can fight for two nations, their home nation Poland and their exile nation.

Exile allows you to add the card to a specific other nation when constructing a deck. This Exile nation is pre-determined for each Exile card. Exile considerably increases the card's flexibility; it dramatically expands its potential use without the need to lock down your deck to Poland as an ally nation.

This use of Exile has, of course, deep roots in Poland's WW2 history. When first overrun by Nazi Germany, Poland and their forces didn't stop the fight - quite the contrary. Many soldiers and intellectual capabilities went into exile, where they fought with a passionate vigor, providing awe-inspiring support to the ally nations in many areas.

New strategic options

Legions continues to deliver fresh frontline reinforcements for you to devise new strategies continually.

All of the existing nations receive exciting new cards. Whether it is further commando-support for Britain, smokescreen-themed cards for Japan, T-34 archetype decks for the Soviets, tools against early aggro for Germany, or new infantry for the US.

The new Legions cards also deliver for the existing nations a vast range of new opportunities. Now, you can develop brand-new deck strategies for months to come.

Be faster and be more innovative than your opponent. Now is the time to shine as a great mastermind and strategist - or simply enjoy all the new cards at your own speed. With Legions, the choice is yours!