Finland Attracts Game Studios and Talent With It’s World’s Top Mobile Game Development Expertise.

November 23rd 2021, Helsinki, Finland

Icelandic game studio 1939 Games announced today that it has opened a subsidiary in Helsinki, Finland, which will concentrate on mobile game development. The company, founded in 2015, launched its first successful game KARDS on Steam in 2020 and is currently developing a mobile version of the game, aimed for launch in summer 2022. In September the studio announced its recent $5,3M funding round, which will be used for the KARDS mobile game development. The studio investors also include a Finnish venture capital fund Sisu Game Ventures.

"There is a special bond between the game industries of Iceland and Finland. 1939 Games not only represents exceptional game development pedigree but it further deepens the collaboration between the two countries,” Sisu Game Ventures Founding Partner Samuli Syvähuoko says.

The Finnish subsidiary has hired three professionals and is currently searching for more talent to join the team. The company is led by game industry veteran Mika Levo.

“The Finnish subsidiary was founded simply because in Finland we have the top-notch mobile game developers. Competition on the best game industry talent is fierce and we have been interviewing talent from Finland and abroad. In the interviews it has become clear that also foreign game industry professionals have a desire to move to Finland to experience the famous Finnish game industry scene,” 1939 Finland’s Head of Helsinki studio Mika Levo explains. “We look forward to finalising the KARDS mobile game for launch in summer 2022.”

Free to play game KARDS was launched in April 2020. The free to play game has been a big success, making millions of euros since launch. In summer 2021 the company announced it delivered a net profit from its operations last year.

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